Depending on the progress of the environment, energy, and recycling projects that the Sino Eco Energy Development company is conducting worldwide, the SEED Vault Foundation provides an energy farm where Pre Farmers can plant SEED.
Sino Eco Energy Development PTE. LTD. has decided to Farm some parts of the project to share benefits and profits to those who have participated as PreFarmers at the SEED International Center. Please join us and enjoy good returns and many benefits.
Second half of 2018 (Notice to be announced later)
Farming starting date

A 55 story eco-friendly high-rise complex building project
The SEED International Center is based on the block-chain technology of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the technology of ESSD (Environmentally Sound & Sustainable Development). This is the world's first eco-friendly energy-saving smart building with block-chain technology that will become a landmark that spreads awareness of coping with climate change.
  • [Farm Name]
    SEED International Center Eco Farm
  • [Farm Overview]
    Energy Saving CDM project and revenue project
  • [Total Capital]
    $3 million
  • [SEED Planting Time]
  • [Farmer Benefits]
    The benefits package for using the SEED International Center will be announced during formal farming period.
Farmer projected annual income
Seeding Amount

Seeding Period

Distribution Period

Until Aug,
(Total 60Months)
  • -
    Landmark high-rise building in Jakarta, Indonesia invested by Singapore SEED Group
  • -
    Ecological Building by ESSD (Environmentally Sound and Sustainable Development)
  • -
    Mixed Complex Building, which consists of offices, residences, shopping centers and a hotel of total expense of 700million USD.





SEED's unique
eco-friendly PoW solution
The ZERA Airdrop is a rewarding solution for contributors who contribute by physical activities that can measure carbon emissions reduction through the Planter APP installed on mobile or wearable devices. The general public who want to participate can do so in Planting to receive ZERA through the Planter APP provided at the SEED Trading Market.
Add fun with a variety of ways
It is possible to carry out more interesting planting by cultivating 12 kinds of plants provided by the Planter APP and performing various quests.
It is possible to exchange your rewarded points for ZERA
The points you receive as compensation by measuring physical activities can be exchanged for ZERA points using the exchange office..
Plant cultivation and sales
You can cultivate a plant to make your own garden. You can also exchange and sell the plant with other plants using the store.
Boast My Garden and Ranking
Show off your new garden to your friends! You can see and compare your ranking information to your friends.



We bring you the various activities of SEED.


SEED and ZERA comply with Ethereum's ERC20 (ERC 20 Standard).
Total SEED supply
ICO supply
SEED Token
SEED is a block chain structure based on ERC20. Each of the 12 Marked Species Blocks issues 1 billion SEEDs per block,totaling 12 billion SEEDs. SEED's ICO crowd coin type is based on Etherium (ETH).
ZERA Token
ZERA divided into SEED's twelve Species SEED and alloted accordingly. It will occur as an Airdrop type reward to the contributors through SEED's unique PoC method through Planter APP.


SEED is an eco-friendly block-chain project that enables individuals to participate in the eco-friendly energy business and lead the way in protecting the global environment.


2018 Climate Energy Summit seoul
Kim Sung-woo, Head of the Environmental Energy Research Institute, at the Seoul Climate Energy Conference You introduced the eco-friendly block chain project SEED.
SEED Conceptual Video
The SEED project was created to protect the Earth from serious environmental pollution and global warming.
Climate_change_PSA Korean Subtitles
Recognize climate change and ecosystem destruction due to environmental pollution and need for the SEED project.
SEED Photo gallery
Photo Gallery video that conveys the various vivid news of the SEED
SEED Project Intro.
The SEED is a block-chain technology offering unique business platforms for environmentally friendly projects around the world.


SEED Group
SEED Group
(Sino Eco Energy Development Group)
We are investing in and developing eco-friendly energy projects around the world, and investing and managing funds (SEED) collected by farmers to generate profits.


(SEED Vault Foundation)

Maintains SEED's occurances. Also offers SEED farms and are looking for SEED Farmers to invest and contribute to the farm.



(SEED Trading Market)

It is a business hub based on a block chain in which you can exchange P2P between SEED and ZERA and other passwords, and exchange your own gardens and items developed by the Planter APP.


Planter APP

(SEED Application)

It is an application where one can Plant through the Proof of Certified emission reduction (PoC) method. By acquiring AP (Action Point) through various methods, it is possible to cultivate plants of your own. You can obtain fruit (ZEP : ZERA Exchanging Point) and exchange it with ZERA.

eco diagram
  • 1.
    Project discovery and initial work (SEED: Sino Eco Energy Development)
  • 2.
    Energy Farm Release and Farmer Recruitment (SVF: SEED Vault Foundation)
  • 3.
    SEED Farmer (contributor) participates in Farming by planting SEED.
  • 4.
    ZERA will be delivered to Farmers via Airdrop as a reward for Farming.
  • 5.
    ZERA를 거래소에서 교환 ( STM : SEED Trading Market)
    - Farmers exchange ZERA for SEED or other coded currency at STM
    - Farmers exchange cash at domestic exchanges
SEED is designed for individuals to participate in global environmental protection projects and eco-friendly energy projects. We provide the best business platform.

SEED is built on an encrypted trust platform called a block chain. Each node in the digital ecosystem that connects the world and eco-friendly businesses of the real ecosystem are created as a block-chain platform, enabling stable and continuous expansion of global business by participation of many companies and individuals.
B to C eco-friendly project investment
SEED allows general users to invest in green projects that are developed, constructed and operated by the SEED Group. By investing in eco-friendly energy projects, you can indirectly participate in improving the global environment and earn money for investment. The SEED Group will provide additional profit by maximizing the return on investment of eco-friendly energy business and participating in CDM projects through systemized operation and investment management.
Ensuring transparency of investment funds
Many NGOs and people are working to protect the global environment. There are many donors to support this work. However, there is no way for third parties to know precisely how donated funds are being used and what results are being made after they are used. We can now clearly see in real time how the funds that are donated or invested to protect the global environment are being used and what is being produced. SEED provides the best business model platform for global environmental protection and environmentally friendly energy business.
Carbon emission business centered on US and China
Launching the plan in accordance with the time of starting the carbon emission rights business of the great powers
Physical work proof method
If the application of real-time physical work proving method through the application is carried out, it will be expected that great amounts of citizens in the developing countries' will begin to actively participate.
Stable off-line business model
Carried off based on existing stable development projects
Share progress and live sharing
We share information and progress of various projects around the world in real time, and receive a pre-registration request according to schedule to complete stable business models.
B to C (enterprise-to-individual) investment model
Transition from B to B model of financial investors to B to C investment model. This is expected to increase the value of SEED and ZERA in the near future as it will attract a lot of users.
Recruitment of low interest funds
Low-interest funds held by individuals and companies in developed countries continue to increase through SEED investment platforms.
One-Stop Operations Management Platform
Establish a one-stop operation management business platform by applying block chain technology
Transparency of donation business and activation of community
Opening the transparency of the donation business and linking the volunteer community of college students around the world to promote continuous revitalization and interest and participation of government and corporations


CDM project
The Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) project is defined in Article 12 of the Kyoto Protocol. When the developed country, A, invest in developing country B, developed countries can reduce GHGs cost-effectively by making it possible to reflect reductions in GHG emissions from their investments in their own reductions, while developing countries can receive technical and economic support.


Block chains should no longer exist only as virtual passwords on the network.
The scope of the virtual currency created by the block chain is only a small fraction of the utilization of the block chain. Now is the time to need a new business model platform that is visible with the integration of new technologies onto the trust base of the block chain. SEED presents the paradigm of "participating in activities to save the environment" to all people living on the earth through the application of the block chain and the Internet of Things in a business that requires a keen sense of environmental preservation.
Jun. 2017
Singapore SEED Group Project launched
Feb. 2018
Master Plan for SEED Project released
Mar. 2018
SEED White Paper released
Jul. 2018
KYC / White List be adopted
SEED and ZERA Token to be announced (based on ERC20)
SEED and ZERA listing plan to be announced
Planter App plan to be announced
Initial SEED Farming plan to be announced
Aug. 2018
SEED ICO Crowd Sale
Sep. 2018
SEED Trading Market plan to be announced
Nov. 2018
ZERA Planter APP Ver.0.1 to be released


SEED presents a new business model and boasts fantastic teamwork between blockchain experts from Korea and China who have been in the 'eco-friendly energy development' business.
SEED works with
energy development business + block chain + creative experts.
Yuan Wei Song
Yuan Wei Song
CTO of China Red Epaulet Organization President of Wanway International Technology Group Shandong Youth University Of Political Science
Shin Young Keun
former CEO of Chinese Organization Bund International Group, Korea University China and overseas eco-friendly energy business development plan, project master plan 12 years.
Hyuk Jin Lee
Liaoning University International Economics Development of eco-friendly and renewable energy related businesses such as solar power plant and biomass, total operation investment business including PF finance, construction, M & A 17 years
Liu Guo Jie
Liu Guo Jie
Cheif of Overseas Marketing
Zheng Zhou University International environment protection project specialist
Xin Ze Peng
Xin Ze Peng
Coordinator of Technology
Qingdao University Developed block chain technology linked with Korea Research Institute
Alex, Luo Ming Da
Alex, Luo Ming Da
Manager of IT
Alhambra Medical University American IT project specialist
Han Qi Yao
Han Qi Yao
Director of Creative
Shangdong University Chinese Calligraphy Association Creative Director
Jun Taek Park
Technical director
Yonsei University 3D medical equipment (ultrasound, CT, MRI, etc.) development programmer, block chain lab coordinator and block chain development consulting specialist
Jeong Hwan Kim
Chief Strategy Officer
前 Bluestream CEO (Professional IT Developer) Korea University Digital Business Ph.D., ISO 27001, BS10012 International Certification Judge, Full Stack Developer, developed UI/UX framework, Recorded dissertation related to IOT using Beacon
Dong Koon Kim
Chief of Blockchain LAB
Chief of Blockchain LAB Chungbuk National University, former CEO of BIC (Cryptocurrency Exchange professional developer), HANDYSOFT BA Business Division Manager, nemosoft BI Business Division Manager, 25+ years of IT PM experience
Hyo Nam Lee
Chief of Creative
former CCO of Grayblue, former CCO of Bluestream, Web design, UI/UX design, Branding, Product design, Interior design, pamphlet design, etc. 20 years experience of design for promotional advertising
Jee Hwan Jeong
Korea University, State University of New York, former MBC PD, former Creative producer at Cheil Worldwide, former Canada Walt's Creative Director, former New York Times Manager at EQUOTY Advertising
David Kim
David Kim
Chief Manager of Marketing
A creative senior project management specialist with 10 years of experience in corporate and non-profit organizations, Kennesaw State University, ET Games Project Manager, GUMI
Chunki Daniel Kim
Chunki Daniel Kim
Manager of International Finance
Georgia State University Many years of work experience at an accounting firm in the United States Many years of work experience at IT solution specialist industry such as Smartcity IBS ITS
Hyun Bae Kil
Chief Manager of Technology
Hanyang University, Built voice recognition solution using rotor vibration monitoring solution and mobile gyro sensor at KEPCO Served as 'Firefox' security advisor
Byung Woong Jang
Chief Manager of LAB
Yeungnam University Built HeartBlock based on block chain, developed BIC token 17+ years of IT industry experience Full Stack Developer
Yeun Sun Hong
Inha University, Finance/Accounting, Business Support Specialist of 20 years
Sunny, Zhao Shuo
Sunny, Zhao Shuo
Manager of International Account
Macquarie University Graduated from international accounting and engaged in related industries
Jin Han Ahn
Manager of Organization
Dankook University Master's student, Solar power generation business development and planning specialist Reviews and manages solar power plant site and feasibility
Shin Hae Do
Chief Manager of Strategy
QA, Service Rebalancing experience of 8 years, Planning (PM) 4years, Gravity Game Co. QA, In-game re-balancing and content planning Netmarble new game verification and re-balancing planning Mochasoft ViKL General Planning Manager
Sam, Sun Zhao
Sam, Sun Zhao
Manager of Communication
Western Sydney University Responsible for ICT-related projects in Australia, Engaged in related industries for 4 years
Se Jin Park
Director of Creative
former work experience in the design team of Weather Design former Art Director for D.fy former Design Cheif at Brave Company, Web Design, UI/UX Design, Branding Design Android / iOS / App GUI design
Jae Woong Cho
Chief Manager of Strategy
Kangwon National University UI/UX design, 7 years of IT project design/planning/management experience, ISO 27001, BS10012 International Certification Judge, Holds private certification of Cloud
Eun Hye Bae
General Manager
Global Marketing
Hee Yeol Park
Front-End Developer,
11 years of Full Stack Development
Jae Won Cho
Front-End Developer,
7 years of Full Stack Development
Jin Kyu Hwang
Front-End Developer,
5 years of Full Stack Development
Tae Kyung Noh
Front-End Developer,
3 years of Full Stack Development
Sung gyeol Liu
Front-End Developer,
3 years of Full Stack Development
lee Hyun Kim
Web, Mobile UI/UX Design
Soo Joung Hwang
Front-End Developer,
2 years of Full Stack Development
Alison Harlfinger
Alison Harlfinger
Assistant Manager
Quincy College,
Massachusetts Institute of
Hyuk Jin Han
18 years of Full Stack Development
Oh Sung Kwon
11 years of Full Stack Development
Ha Na Jung
8 years of Design
Jin Hee Kim
8 years of IT Consulting
Young Gil Yoo
9 years of Full Stack Development
Sung Jae Kim
2 years of Web Development
Hee Suk Lee
2 years of Information Security
Kang Hyun Lee
1 years of Web Development
Dong yeop Lee
dApp specialty development
Yeon Soo Jung
dApp specialty development

Zhao Yun
Zhao Yun
MBA of Nanjing University, Governer of China Red Epaulet Organization, former Governer of Bund Holdings, former Governer of Chinatex
Du Huan
Du Huan
InHa University, Chairman of DIYI group, China Recycling Resource group Overseas Director
Sung Ho Kang
Chung-ang University, former Press Director of KBS, former General Director of KBS Daegu, former CEO of KBS Media Tech
Young Joo Cho
前 KTF CEO Seoul National University Transportation Engineering Ph.D., Bachelors of Civil Engineering,Vice Chairman of the Korean Institute of Communication Sciences former KTF CEO, President of Korea Digital Contents Industry Association
Tyler Perham Dixon
Tyler Perham Dixon
Troy State University, Ed. D. of California Coast University


Hong Jian Zhang
A Chinese state-run federation dedicated to 450 million Chinese youths to increase their interest in environmental protection and education
Samoo is a global architectural designer who provides total solutions for all areas including architectural design, urban design, interior design, engineering and eco-friendly design.
Hanmi Global
Performed as a pioneer in the development of advanced construction culture through the systematization of the construction execution of a company specialized in the best construction business management in Korea
Polartec is a global leader in performance fabric technology that manufactures over 300 different fabrics.
A trading company in China. Recently built a solar optical infrastructure and has been working in the renewable energy business as well.
DIYI Group
Waste disposal qualification and state-of-the-art waste disposal technology have been certified and have secured long-term strategic partnerships with world-renowned manufacturers such as Samsung, LG and Hyundai
日照 Steel
A global steel producer with an annual production of 10 million tons of iron ore in Shandong, China
JL Group
A representative company based in Myanmar with 15,000 employees that is leading growth in the fields of gem mining, timber, trade, real estate development and tourism, etc.
The core trading platform of CNBM Group Corporation, a state-owned company under the supervision of state-owned assets and under the direct supervision of the State Council Management Committee
A subsidiary of a state-owned enterprise managed directly by State-owned Property Supervision and Management Committee by China National Construction Material Group Corporation (CNBM)