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SEED is a global Blockchain project where everyone can gain profit through eco-friendly activities such as participating in green energy business and carrying out activities that can reduce each one’s carbon footprint.

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SEED Infographics Video

SEED Infographics Video

SEED project is based on the Blockchain technology, and it was created to save our earth from the serious environmental pollution and global warming.

SEED Blockchain platform

SEED Blockchain Platform

SEED has an independent and inclinable Blockchain technology. Through this Blockchain technology, SEED provides a unique and distinctive business platform that can proceed an eco-friendly project all over the world.

Composition of SEED

Composition of SEED

SEED project is composed of energy developer(SEED-sino eco energy development), SVF(SEED vault foundation) and STM(SEED trading market).


SEED is a project that allows anyone to participate in the eco-friendly energy business to save our earth. Moreover, people can also gain profits though participation.

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“ If the Earth's temperature rises above 2 degrees, it becomes a serious threat to mankind. Even if the global temperature rises by 1 degree, the risk of destruction of Eco-Systems is drastically increased, such as by heatwaves, heavy rainfalls, floods, and coastal floods. The underwater coral will be extinct and the Arctic Eco-System will be in danger. As the Earth's temperature rises 1.6 degrees, 18 percent of plants and animals will be in danger of extinction. If it exceeds 2 degrees, the Eco-System of the earth will go into an irreparable procedure, and many animals and plants will rapidly disappear. ”

(The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change under
the United Nations (IPCC) 'IPCC Fifth Climate Change Assessment Report)

Climate Agreement

Climate Agreement




  • Continuous development of eco-friendly energy development project according to the seriousness of global warming problem
  • Increase in carbon emission market (CDM market) linked with environment friendly energy business (As of 2017, 161 countries participated (USD 215.4 billion)
  • China, in Dec. 19, 2017 Carbon emission market has officially enforced (about 495 trillion won in the emission rights market in China over the next five years, investment of about 2,310 trillion won in environment-friendly energy)
  • Develop programs to promote the awareness of global environmental protection and public’s participation
  • Based on the Blockchain technology, the public can participate in environmental protection business and develop a platform to generate revenue

Main Agents

  • Sino Eco Energy Development Group : A professional developer of eco-friendly energy development business
  • SEED Vault Foundation : A Platform company which is involved in energy business based on Blockchain technology
  • SEED Trading Market : A market place that enables people to exchange SEED based ZERA token with cryptocurrency


  • Through SEED, customers can participate in eco-friendly development projects that address global warming issues and receive revenue sharing
  • Can get compensated by participating in energy saving activities such as walking instead of using cars.


Through the SEED Trading Market, SEED Group provides the best business platform for investing, developing, operating, managing, and communicating digital eco-Blockchain technology in eco-friendly energy business in real Eco-System.

SEED Group

SEED Group

(Sino Eco Energy Development Group)

We are investing in and developing eco-friendly energy projects around the world, and investing and managing funds (SEED) collected by farmers to generate profits.



(SEED Vault Foundation)

Maintains SEED's occurances. Also offers SEED farms and are looking for SEED Farmers to invest and contribute to the farm.



(SEED Trading Market)

It is a business hub based on a block chain in which you can exchange P2P between SEED and ZERA and other passwords, and exchange your own gardens and items developed by the Planter APP.


Planter APP

(SEED Application)

It is an application where one can Plant through the Proof of Certified emission reduction (PoC) method. By acquiring AP (Action Point) through various methods, it is possible to cultivate plants of your own. You can obtain fruit (ZEP : ZERA Exchanging Point) and exchange it with ZERA.

The process of SEED project

  • Project discovery and initial work (SEED: Sino Eco Energy Development)
  • Energy Farm Release and Farmer Recruitment (SVF: SEED Vault Foundation)
  • SEED Farmer (contributor) participates in Farming by planting SEED.
  • ZERA will be delivered to Farmers via Airdrop as a reward for Farming.
  • ZERA is exchanged at the exchange (STM: SEED Trading Market)
    - Farmers exchange ZERA with SEED or other cryptocurrency from STM
    - Farmers exchange cash with their domestic exchanges
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Merit of SEED

  • Launched in China in line with the start of the carbon credits business in the US and China
  • Planning based on the stable off-line business model
  • Converting existing B-to-B investment models to B-to-C investment models
  • Establish one-stop operation management platform by applying Blockchain technology
  • When the mining project of real-time 'physical work proof method' through the smartphone app starts to operate, an explosive increase of users is expected due to the active mining participation of citizens in developing countries
  • We share various projects’ information and progress situation with the world in real time and complete a stable business model by pre-registering individuals and companies who want to join our business
  • Low-interest funds held by individuals and companies in developed countries can be continuously flowed through by SEED investment platform
  • It is expected to increase the value of companies, SEED, and ZERA when it provides individuals the chance to participate in the business
  • By promoting the transparency of donation business and the volunteer community of college students all over the world, it will stimulate the interest and participation of government and corporations
Types of SEED projects

Types of SEED projects

  • Solar Power Plant
  • Mini Hydro Power Plant
  • Bio Power Plant
  • Bio Solid Refused Fuel Combined Heat Power Plant
  • Forestation
  • Wood Pellet Factory
  • Food Resource
  • Creating surplus revenue through CDM business
  • Other investment business (Some of the proceeds are used as donations)


Through Confirm algorithm, which divided into two types((POS & POW) of block chain according to Consensus mechanism method, a block chain technology develops some different types(SEED & ZERA) of consensus algorithm combination model.

Network Mesh Topology

Network Mesh Topology

The concept of SEED starts with the concept of the word "SEED" and it divides into 12 species blocks. Since each of the 12 species block groups has its own unique label, a general council composed of a group of species blocks can sort the data transaction history and find the data in a short time.



Public Blockchains and private Blockchains are combined by dApp's program and a new type of evolution takes place through the double structure of these Blockchains. And it will be revealed by dApp
in real Eco-System, not in digital Eco-System.


As an energy farmer, you can gain profits by participating in eco-friendly projects. You can be rewarded by participating in environmental protection business through physical encryption process in the decentralized application.



Farming, one of the ways to come out from the digital Eco-System to a real Eco-System, is carrying out by planting SEED in an energy farm provided by the SEED Group. According to the progress of eco-friendly projects in worldwide developed by Sino Eco Energy Development, SEED Vault Foundation provides customers with digital energy farms.



Planting is a distinctive eco-friendly PoW solution that only SEED has.The Planter who has the SEED, can download dApp on their smartphone. People can gain ZERA coins by physical work proof methods (ex: walking) though dApp.

‘SEED’s 1st


The SEED Blockchain Center is based on the blockchain technology of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the technology of ESSD (Environmentally Sound & Sustainable Development). This is the world's first eco-friendly energy-saving smart building with blockchain technology that will become a landmark that spreads awareness of fighting climate change.

  • Landmark high-rise building in Jakarta, Indonesia invested by Singapore SEED Group
  • Ecological building by ESSD(Environmentally Sound and Sustainable Development)
  • Mixed Complex Building, which consists of offices, residences, shopping centers and a hotel of total expense of 700million USD.


SEED is a profitable block-chain business model that evolves and transforms itself into a real-world environment system in a digital Eco-System environment.

SEED’s total amount and classification

Total supply 12,000,000,000 100%
Farming Private Sale Supplied 1,800,000,000 15%
Operation 1,200,000,000 10%
Bounty 600,000,000 5%
Commons Budget 1,440,000,000 12%
Initial SEED Farming 1,200,000,000 10%
Founder 960,000,000 8%
Reserve 4,800,000,000 40%

* The amount of SEED may fluctuate by some situations


Blockchains should no longer exist only as virtual passwords on a virtual network. The scope of the virtual currency created by the Blockchain is only a small fraction of the utilization of the Blockchain. Now is the time to need a new business model platform that is visible with the integration of new technologies onto the trust base of the Blockchain. Through the business that desperately needs to preserve the environment, SEED presents a new paradigm to all people living on the earth : “Participation in the act of saving the environment”

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  • Jun. 2017
    Singapore SEED Group Project launched
  • Feb. 2018
    Master Plan for SEED Project released
  • Mar. 2018
    SEED White Paper released
  • Jul. 2018
    SEED and ZERA Token to be announced (based on ERC20)
    SEED and ZERA listing plan to be announced
    Planter App plan to be announced
    Initial SEED Farming plan to be announced
  • Aug. 2018
    SEED Farming Private Sale
  • Sep. 2018
    SEED Trading Market plan to be announced
  • Nov. 2018
    ZERA Planter APP Ver.0.1 to be released


Network Mesh Topology

Yuan Wei Song


  • University: Shandong Youth University Of Political Science
  • Position : CEO of SEED Vault Foundation Pte. Ltd.Co-Founder
  • Former : President of Wanway International Technology Group

Shin Young Keun

Republic of Korea

  • University: Korea University
  • Position : CEO of Sino Eco Energy Development Pte. Ltd.Co-Founder
  • Former : President of Bund International Group
Network Mesh Topology

Xin Ze Peng


  • University: Qingdao University Of Science And Technology
  • Position : CTO of SEED Vault Foundation Pte. Ltd.Network Technology Board

Alex, Luo Ming Da


  • University: Alhambra Medical University
  • Position : IT Manager of SEED Vault Foundation Pte. Ltd.

Han Qi Yao


  • University: Shandong University Of Design
  • Position : Design Director of SEED Vault Foundation Pte. Ltd.

Sam, Sun Zhao


  • University: Western Sydney University
  • Position : ICT Technology Manager of SEED Vault Foundation Pte. Ltd.

Sunny, Zhao Shuo


  • University: Macquarie University
  • Position : International Account Manager of SEED Vault Foundation Pte. Ltd.

Chunki Daniel Kim


  • University: Georgia State University
  • Position : International Finance Manager of Sino Eco Energy Development Pte. Ltd.

Liu Guo Jie


  • University: Zheng Zhou University
  • Position : Oversea Marketing Director of Sino Eco Energy Development Pte. Ltd.



Zhao Yun


  • University: MBA of Nanjing University
  • Position : Advisor of Sino Eco Energy Development Pte. Ltd.
  • Present : President of China Hong Jian Zhang Foundation
  • Former : President of China National Real Estate Development Laoling Group President of Bund Group

Cho Young Ju

Republic of Korea

  • University: seoul national university
  • Position : Advisor of Sino Eco Energy Development Pte. Ltd.
  • Former : President of Korea Digital Contents Industry Association President of the KTF (Korea Telecom Freetel)

Tyler Perham Dixon


  • University: Troy State University / Ed. D. of California Coast University
  • Position : Advisor of International Donation of SEED Vault Foundation Pte. Ltd.

Du Huan


  • University: InHa University
  • Position : dAPP Advisor of Sino Eco Energy Development Pte. Ltd.
  • Present : President of Diyi Group


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